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Hand-to-Hand Polo

Hand-to-Hand Polo

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Hoolie’s Aqua Hand-to-Hand Polo, ready for action.

Unveiling our Hoolie Aqua Hand-to-Hand Polo, a hilarious homage to the U.S. Armed Services Fighting Manuals.

Set in a vibrant Aqua backdrop, this polo transports you to the golf course battlegrounds, where players grapple with their swings, the terrain, the elements, and rival competitors. The Aqua Hand-to-Hand Polo humorously illustrates golf combat scenarios from the fictional The Hoolie Fighting Manual 20-24, depicting golf warriors wielding an array of playful implements and golf clubs.

Tailored for the unique challenges of hand-to-hand golf combat, the HFM 20-24 offers techniques that become instinctive, easily applied in everyday golf clashes. Designed for avid golfers, this manual serves as a valuable resource for mastering the intuitive art of golf warfare, utilizing the tools of the trade that golfers know best.

Crafted from a premium Polyester Spandex blend fabric, the Hoolie Aqua Hand-to-Hand Polo ensures unmatched comfort for uninterrupted gameplay on the golf course. Its 4-way stretch, and moisture-wicking properties enable you to maintain agility and stay cool amidst the intensity of golf battle.

This polo is also offered in Hoolie Red and White – Shop Now!

Complete your battle-ready ensemble with one of our Hoolie Bold hats.
Hoolie Up!

* Disclaimer: The hand-to-hand polo and the above product description are obviously a good-natured parody of the U.S. Armed Services various publicly available combatives fighting manuals; Hoolie does not encourage or condone fighting on the golf course – that’s a great way to ruin a golf outing.


91% Polyester / 9% Spandex.

- Soft feel
- 4-way stretch
- Wrinkle resistant
- Quick Dry / Moisture Wicking
- UV protection

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold with like colors
- Do not bleach
- Do not dry clean
- Tumble dry low
- Do not iron decoration

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    Customer Reviews

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    Dan H.

    The new Hand-to-Hand line is my new favorite. Hoolie products garner attention on and off the course and are a definite conversation starter. Got multiple laughs and compliments from veterans and non-military alike. Awesome quality, comfort, and style. Do yourself a favor and get one for yourself. Or two. Or three.