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Garden City X Bones Roper Hat

Garden City X Bones Roper Hat

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An instant icon, the Garden City X Bones Roper Hat

Inspired by golf’s favorite green and yellow themed major, the Garden City X Bones Roper Hat merges Hoolie’s X Bone swag with the classic the "rope" hat.

The Garden City X Bones Roper Hat gets its name from the nickname of the city where the Masters of the Golf Universe converge every year to do golf battle embracing this timeless tradition with a modern touch of badass.

Rope hats, or ropers as we call them, have their origins in the mid-20th century, becoming a notable element of a golfer's wardrobe. Featuring a distinctive rope embellishment encircling the base of the crown, these hats not only brought a stylish flair but also offered practical utility. This rope detail played a crucial role in ensuring the hat remained firmly in place amidst golf swings and blustery weather conditions.

The Garden City X Bones Roper Hat is a must-have addition for major season, get yours while you can.


- 100% Cotton

- Snapback closure

This hat pairs perfectly with the Garden City Recce Polo

Hoolie Up!


-100% Lightweight cotton twill fabric
- 5 panel ‘Retro Fit’
- Woven rope along base of front panel
- Plastic snap closure

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