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Hoolie Roger Ball Marker

Hoolie Roger Ball Marker

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Rock this Made in the USA Hoolie Roger Ball Marker

Proudly display this 1.2" diameter (one-sided) Hoolie Roger Ball Marker and your affiliation to Hoolie.

Drawing inspiration from the legendary Jolly Roger pirate flag, the Hoolie Roger Ball Marker captures a spirit of rebellion and daring and is a fearless symbol of adventure for the game’s daring misfit golfers out there.

This ball marker features Hoolie’s patent skull set above two crossed elements - a golf driver club and a "Hoolie" tool, a golf ball rests beneath for good measure. 

This Hoolie Roger Ball Marker may be small but it sure is mighty; it's a proclamation of your fearless spirit and your love for golf. Whether you’re looking at birdie or trying to save bogey, this ball marker serves as a testament to your passion for the sport. Join the Hoolie crew and proudly display your pirate spirit.

Made in the USA for Hoolie by Siege Custom Putters, veteran owned and operated by a former Navy SEAL! These markers are CNC machined, individually Cerakoted and paint filled by hand. 

Diameter - 1.25" 
Thickness - .07"

Hoolie Up!

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Awesome Ball Marker

Glad to support Made in USA any day