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Hoolie’s White Hand-to-Hand Polo, ready for golf warfare.

Introducing our Hoolie White Hand-to-Hand Polo, a polo spoof inspired by the U.S. Armed Services Fighting Manuals.

Bathed in vibrant Hoolie White, the Hoolie White Hand-to-Hand Polo transports you to the battlegrounds of the golf course, where players contend with their swings, the course itself, the elements, and fellow competitors. The Hoolie White Hand-to-Hand Polo showcases comical golf combat scenarios from the fictitious The Hoolie Fighting Manual 20-24, featuring golf warriors dueling with an assortment of playful implements and golf clubs.

The HFM 20-24 is prescriptive for hand-to-hand golf combat, where adversaries clash on the greens armed with golf clubs. This manual imparts techniques that become second nature, easily deployable in everyday golf skirmishes. Tailored for the diehard golfer, this guide is an invaluable asset for mastering the instinctive art of golf warfare using the tools golfers are most comfortable with.

The Hoolie White Hand-to-Hand Polo is constructed from a premium Polyester Spandex blend fabric, ensuring unparalleled comfort for uninterrupted gameplay on the golf course. With its 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, you'll maintain freedom of movement and stay cool amidst the heat of golf battle.

The hand-to-hand polo is also offered in Hoolie Red and Aqua – Shop Now!

Complete your battle-ready ensemble with one of our Hoolie Bold hats.

Hoolie Up!

* Disclaimer: The hand-to-hand polo and the above product description are obviously a good-natured parody of the U.S. Armed Services various publicly available combatives fighting manuals; Hoolie does not encourage or condone fighting on the golf course – that’s a great way to ruin a golf outing.


91% Polyester / 9% Spandex.

- Soft feel
- 4-way stretch
- Wrinkle resistant
- Quick Dry / Moisture Wicking
- UV protection

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold with like colors
- Do not bleach
- Do not dry clean
- Tumble dry low
- Do not iron decoration

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