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In the Drink Polo

In the Drink Polo

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Embrace the spirit of adventure in the White In the Drink Polo

The White In the Drink Polo is inspired by the shirt once worn by the Legendary Captain Rico and pays homage to golfers and seafarers who like a little adventure and aren’t scared to go "In the Drink" every now and again. We don’t worry too much about the drink because, like Captain Rico once said, “If anything's gonna happen, it's gonna happen out there!”

The White In the Drink Polo features an ensemble of small light aqua minnows set on a white shirt. Hoolie’s printed polos are all constructed from a premium Polyester Spandex blend fabric with 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking capabilities, keeping you cool, calm and collected on and off the golf course.

The White In the Drink Polo evokes the spirit of the fearless adventurer who is unafraid to take risks and knows how to roll with the waves and navigate rough seas. Map, compass…nah, don’t need it – we got one pocket full of gut instinct and another filled with luck. So, whether you're embarking on another epic round or hanging out with friends, set sail in the laid-back vibes and charming style of the White In the Drink polo.

Also available in Crystal Blue

Hoolie Up!


91% Polyester / 9% Spandex.

- Soft feel
- 4-way stretch
- Wrinkle resistant
- Quick Dry / Moisture Wicking
- UV protection

Care Instructions

- Machine wash cold with like colors
- Do not bleach
- Do not dry clean
- Tumble dry low
- Do not iron decoration

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