Before 2011, Bobby Holland hadn’t given golf much thought. It wasn’t until a delay to a pending overseas deployment that he and his Navy SEAL buddies found some down time to hit the links; it just took one round, and he was hooked.

A decade later, Bobby found himself nearing retirement from the military and in business school at UCLA Anderson’s E-MBA program.

During the first semester, Bobby decided to take an entrepreneurship elective and that’s really where Hoolie began to take off. Tasked to create a team before class started, Bobby poured through his cohorts “bio book” looking for golfers and came across golf’s “Selfie king” aka Kevin Lee. Kevin was the first person to join TEAM HOOLIE and with his extensive background in garment and apparel manufacturing, he was integral in developing the Hoolie we know today.

Kevin has a heck of a story of his own; having immigrated from South Korea as a kid, Kevin is living the American dream. He has since earned two educational degrees, built a family and a career while still finding time to give back to his community.

Bobby and Kevin hope to transform their passion for golf and apparel into a company that serves golfers of the hardcore variety.

The spirit of Hoolie is founded on the belief that hard work, grit and resilience will conquer all. To the diehards out there, let us band together and embark on an epic quest to slay the elusive golf dragon.


To be very windy, as in "to blow a hoolie"; a hooligan; a noisy party;
(slang) a forcible entry tool used by military and law enforcement breach teams; a hard-core golfer and a grinder with a penchant for kicking ass.


As a veteran founded company, Hoolie will contribute to connecting veterans with golf while also serving other veteran health and wellness initiatives and charitable causes. Golf is not only a great challenge, but it’s a great way to spend time outdoors while making social connections and that's why we see golf as a force for good for the veteran community.