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Hoolie's Printed Golf Polos

Hoolie’s golf polos are the epitome of style, comfort, and performance. Hoolie’s printed golf polo line showcases a perfect blend of innovation and design. Hoolie Golf has painstakingly crafted a high-performing Polyester Spandex fabric blend that not only looks and feels great, but also performs. These polos offer soft feel, 4-way stretch, and exceptional moisture-wicking to ensure you stay comfortable and dry throughout your endeavors on and off the golf course.

Inspired prints that resonate with golf’s warrior class, is what sets Hoolie’s printed golf polos for men apart from the rest. Hoolie’s unique style embodies the hardcore mindset, adventurous spirit and sense of humor of those that wear it. Some designs nod to Hoolie founder, Bobby Holland’s unique background as a Navy SEAL, including Hoolie’s Tiger Stripe, Recce and Ode to Action Guys lines while others embrace a unique SOCAL vibe. These golf polos tell a story with every thread while maintaining a stylish and fresh look.

Take, for instance, Hoolie’s Skulls line. From a distance, it might appear as a traditionally dotted golf polo, but a closer look reveals an intricate blend of skulls crafted in such a way that the details unfold only when up close. Similarly, Hoolie’s Ode to Action Guys golf polos surprises with military scenes when examined up close, showcasing special operators engaging in daring feats.

The Classic Golf Polo

Hoolie Golf also offers a classic men’s golf polo line. The appeal of Hoolie's Classic Polo lies in its versatility. Whether you're playing a round of golf, attending a business meeting, or simply unwinding with friends, these golf polo shirts effortlessly adapt to your needs. The subtle yet distinctive tiger stripe rip-stop camouflage placket emblazoned on each classic golf polo is inspired by the jungle fatigues worn by Special Forces and old school Frogmen in the jungles of Vietnam. This unique camouflaged placket adds a touch of Hoolie character while maintaining the traditional polo look. These golf polos are uniquely badass.

Hoolie’s Classic Polos utilize a tri-blend fabric combination which marries cotton’s soft feel, polyester’s sharp looks and easy care and elastane’s stretch. When combined together in the perfect proportions, you get a polo that not only looks great, but also has the performance you expect on the golf course. By choosing Hoolie's classic polo line, you embrace casual looks and feel while still enjoying the quality and uniqueness that defines Hoolie Golf.

What else makes Hoolie unique?

Hoolie is a proud American company built with character that “walks the walk” which is why all of Hoolie’s golf polos are cut, sewn, assembled and distributed in the USA. Hoolie is veteran owned and operated and gives back to veteran related causes; Hoolie sees golf as a force for good for the veteran community.

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