The Perfect Printed Golf Polo

Hoolie’s printed golf polo line masterfully combines looks, feel, and performance - a Hoolie Golf print polo is just built better. Hoolie has diligently crafted a high-performing Polyester Spandex fabric blend that not only looks and feels great, but also performs. These printed golf polos offer soft feel, 4-way stretch, and exceptional moisture-wicking to keep you dry, comfortable and ready for action because Hoolie believes that if you look good and feel good that you can play confidently.

You may be asking yourself; can I pull off prints?

Sure, a printed golf polo is bold, no doubt about that, but you’re pretty bold as well. You're a doer, a relentless self-improver, the type of guy that “goes big or goes home” and is “all in, all the time.” It’s time to match your style to your lifestyle. Be bold, look the part and proudly show your golf swagger with Hoolie’s printed golf polos.

These Printed Golf Polos Rock!

At Hoolie Golf, each printed golf polo is crafted with the diehard golfer in mind. Some of our prints pay homage to Hoolie founder, Bobby Holland’s experience as a Navy SEAL like Hoolie’s Tiger Stripe, Recce, and Ode to Action Guys printed golf polos while others emanate a vibrant SOCAL vibe that blends elements of pop-culture, nostalgia and humor.

A Hoolie printed golf polo, is built specifically to tell its story when seen up close while maintaining a stylish and commercial look from afar.
Take, for instance, our Skulls polo collection. From a distance, the polo might appear similar to other traditionally polka dotted print golf polos, but a closer look reveals an intricate blend of skulls, their details only unveiled when seen up close. Similarly, Hoolie’s Ode to Action Guys printed golf polo surprises with scenes of adventure, showcasing daring feats by our military’s special operators, the hidden narrative woven within every thread. Discover the artistry and storytelling with Hoolie's printed golf polo shirts.

For those seeking a uniquely badass printed golf polo that looks and feels great and performs too, look no further, Hoolie’s got you covered.

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