Introducing Hoolie’s Garden City Collection!

Hoolie’s Garden City Collection is inspired by golf’s favorite green and yellow-themed major, drawing its name from the nickname of a famous city in Georgia where the masters of the golf universe converge every year to do battle. This collection captures the essence and prestige of one of golf’s most iconic tournaments, incorporating the timeless green and yellow elements that have become synonymous with excellence in the sport.

The Collection

  1. Garden City Recce Polo: The Limited-Edition Garden City Recce Polo is a standout piece in this collection. Drawing inspiration from the lush landscapes and intricate strategies of golf’s most revered tournament, this polo features a subtle pattern of topographic contour lines reminiscent of the challenging course. The vibrant green color, accented with touches of yellow, ensures you look sharp and feel confident as you navigate the fairways with precision.

  2. Hoolie Garden City Bold Hat: Make a bold statement with the Hoolie Garden City Bold Hat. This hat boasts a striking yellow "HOOLIE" logo embroidered on a rich green background, capturing the spirit of the legendary tournament. With its adjustable sizing and breathable mesh backing, this hat ensures a perfect fit and keeps you cool on warm days. It's the ultimate accessory for those who want to show their appreciation for the sport’s grand traditions while maintaining a contemporary edge.

  3. Garden City X Bones Roper Hat: Featuring our patented Skull and Cross Bones elements, the Garden City X Bones Roper Hat adds an edgy twist to the classic green and yellow theme. This hat is perfect for golfers who want to stand out with a bold and unique style. Its durable construction and comfortable fit make it ideal for long days on the course or casual outings.

Superior Performance and Style

The Garden City Collection is crafted with the same dedication to quality and performance that defines all of Hoolie’s products. Each item in this collection features:

  • Premium Materials: Ensuring maximum comfort and durability, our products are made from high-quality fabrics and materials that stand up to the rigors of the game.
  • Iconic Design: The green and yellow color scheme is not just a nod to tradition but a bold statement of style and sophistication. These pieces are designed to make you feel like you belong among the golfing elite.
  • Functionality and Comfort: From the breathable mesh backing of our hats to the moisture-wicking properties of our polos, each piece is designed to keep you comfortable and performing at your best.

Embrace the Spirit of Georgia

The Garden City Collection is more than just apparel; it’s a celebration of the rich heritage and esteemed traditions of golf’s most beloved tournament. By incorporating the iconic green and yellow elements, this collection allows you to pay homage to the history and prestige of the game while embracing the spirit of Georgia, known for its historic charm and world-renowned golf.

Hoolie Up!

At Hoolie, we believe in blending the spirit of adventure with the precision of golf. The Garden City Collection is a perfect representation of this ethos, offering golfers the best in style, comfort, and performance. Each item in this collection is designed to help you perform at your best while looking effortlessly cool.

Join the ranks of those who appreciate the legacy of the game and embrace the opportunity to be part of its future. Hoolie Up and get your Garden City Collection today! These limited-edition pieces won’t last long, so shop now and add a touch of major style to your golf wardrobe.