These Hoolie Golf Ball Markers Rock!

Unleash your Hoolie spirit with a Hoolie Ball Marker. Choose from one of three markers; our Hoolie Pin Flag Ball Marker, our Hoolie Roger Ball Marker or the Double-sided Hoolie Ball Marker which features the Hoolie Roger logo on one side and the Hoolie Pin Flag logo on the other. Which side is heads, and which is tails? Well, that’s up to you.

The Hoolie Roger logo features Hoolie’s patent skull set above two crossed elements - a golf driver club and a "Hoolie" tool, a golf ball rests beneath for good measure. The bran’s namesake “Hoolie” sits at the bottom.

The Hoolie Pin Flag Logo encapsulates the essence of Hoolie's unique identity, featuring the distinctive pin flag design with the letter "H" inscribed in its center. It symbolizes our unwavering commitment to golf and adventure.

These ball markers make a statement and is a proclamation of your fearless spirit and your love for golf. Whether you’ve got a good look at birdie or you’re trying to save bogey, these Hoolie ball markers are a testament to your passion for the game. Join the Hoolie crew and proudly display a little badass on the putting green.

Made in the USA for Hoolie by Siege Custom Putters, veteran owned and operated by a former Navy SEAL!